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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raw Ginger Limeade

This is so refreshing, and much better for you than commercially prepared beverages:

1 5" piece fresh plump ginger, peeled and chunked
3 cups filtered water
Blend in high speed blender until thoroughly mixed and ginger is finely ground. Allow to sit for half an hour.
Strain mixture through cloth bag into large bowl. Transfer to glass jar if desired. This will keep in refrigerator several days if it lasts that long.

For beverage:
In a tall glass mix 1/4 cup of ginger water with 2T lime juice and 1 pkg stevia. Fill glass with water. Add chopped ice if desired.

For a sweeter ginger drink, omit lime juice. You can substitute raw honey or agave as a sweetener.

The ginger water can also be added to hot water for a great ginger tea.



Vanessa said...

Ooh that sounds yummy!

welsh said...

Net time I make it, I will include my real picture. Too bad there's not scratch and sniff for websites *grin*