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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Living Your Spirit #30 ~ Health Care or Fear-Based Symptom Management for Profit?

So what do you think?

One of the things I am pondering today is the outrageous launching of new products by the pharmaceutical companies and their incessant and inane advertising. How much of what they are selling is actually advantageous and how much is preying on our "magic bullet" belief systems?

One small example: "Buy this pill for indigestion," they'll hock, but then list the side effects, which often include the word fatal. I know...they have to include the disclaimer, no matter how small the odds, but why would someone opt for any chance at all...for indigestion?

I have long been an advocate of Natural Health and believe that the pharmaceutical companies and the allopathic medical community (run by the pharmaceutical companies) do not always tell you, if they even know, what you need to do to stay healthy, because they don't make money unless you are sick and need their drugs. This generalization certainly does not include all the wonderful doctors who work integatively with their clients to include comlimentary practices.

Do not misread me, I am very thankful for the good medicines we have that we need for many serious things, and for excellent medical and surgical care that is very valuable in many situations; but we need to think, because things are getting out of hand. They are getting out of control to the point of running amok. We need not to be so easily led that we don't use our brains to help us make wise choices for ourselves and our families.

Much of what ails us is from what we put into and onto our bodies and what we are exposed to either by our own choices or involuntarily. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food," and it is still applicable today.

Just one thing...when I eat raw food, I never, ever have indigestion.

Interesting, huh? Your thoughts?

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