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I am just a sojourner, an artist wandering through life with a sense of wonder about it all. Come ponder with me. This year is about observation and perspective.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miraculous bodies

It is awesome in the truest sense of the word to observe our bodies at work. How they heal themselves and know exactly what to the skin knows where to all the tiny cells know just what their jobs are and do those jobs well for the most part when we don't interfere.
There are "Bodies" and "Body World" exhibits in various locations throughout the world. I saw the "Body World" exhibit some time ago in Philadelphia and while it could have been disturbing, it was amazing to actually be able to see actual bodies doing what they do and witness what makes them work.
All of the specimens were actual individuals who donated their bodies for this project, as some do to science. This leaves some with strong feelings. I am not posting pictures due to the sensitive nature, but I feel it is an amazing exhibit should you be close enough to attend.
Ponder your body today...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazing place

This was one of the most fun day trips I've had. In Frederick, MD there is a bridge...a painted bridge. The birds sometimes fly to this fountain. Alas, there is no water, there is no fountain, there is no niche in the wall. It is painted on a flat surface. I repeat...painted on a FLAT surface, and a woman once wrote to the people responsible for maintaining the bridge about what a shame it was to have such a beautifully painted bridge and then let ivy grow all over it. You guessed it - the ivy is painted on as well. The little weed on the bottom left is real...

The gate isn't real either, nor the stones, nor the arch - flat surface! Look closely...the little bird is not really there. I was awestruck and want to go back to this charming place where there is art everywhere and little shops full of wondrous things. More info HERE