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Monday, February 14, 2011

Living Your Spirit #29 ~ Love...Not Just for Romance

On this day that the consumer marketing world takes hold of and promotes with all the red and pink they can find, it is good to note that love is for everyone and everything. It is a good day for speaking your love, and showing your love. It is a good day to donate to your favorite charity so that some less fortunate soul feels your love. It is a good day to pay the love you receive forward. It is a good day to give.

Oh, I like romantic love as well as the next person. I am as goofy and sappy as all those commercials you see, but love takes on so many different forms, that we would be doing ourselves an injustice if we limited the expression only to our romantic interests.

I love a good movie that makes you cry at the end. And that doesn't have to be the man/woman love story kind of movie. Have you seen Hachi? The love between a dog and his master...true story. Make sure tissues are available.

Please share your love stories.  They deserve to be told. One of mine was between my sister and I.
You can find the story here.

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