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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living Your Spirit #24 ~ Weather...or Not to Go Out in It

Many areas have been experiencing some harsh Winter weather lately. People in these areas have been heard complaining loudly about such weather. My take on it is this:

1. It takes all sorts of weather to support life on the planet.
2. For the most part, one chooses where they are going to live.
3. Complaining does nothing to help and only sets a negative tone for the day.
4. If Winter weather is that hated, one might consider moving to a place that is warm all year.

I know, I know - people still have to get to work and driving is risky and children are home from school and the logistics of child care has to be figured. It is grey and the lack of sun has some people depressed, but it happens every year, and there is really nothing to be done about it, except to be as prepared as you can or move somewhere else.

Do be aware that there is light therapy, also called phototherapy, for those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Studies have shown it to be helpful.

Eveyone loves to talk about the weather. Here's your chance!

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