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Monday, February 21, 2011


There are things too precious for words,

Moments that bring tears of joy,
Memories that can never be saved in a book of pictures;
Like the sweet, warm smell of a baby's damp head
When he awakens from his nap and you lift him into your arms;
Like the soft touch of his little fingers on your face
As he explores where your nose is, and your eyes, and your ears;
The delightful, repetitive giggle as the two of you play peek-a-boo
Over and over and over again;
The way he sticks his little toes in your face
Because he knows you will kiss and tickle them;
When he falls asleep in your arms in the rocking chair
And you would sit there holding his sleeping sweetness
All night, if you could ~
Moments of joy this little child will not remember
But that you will hold forever in the scrapbook of your heart.

Pictureless copyright Donna Welsh 2011

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