The Ponder Days

I am just a sojourner, an artist wandering through life with a sense of wonder about it all. Come ponder with me. This year is about observation and perspective.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Quick Sketch

Trying to keep with the program...more sketching, even if only a few minutes.


gayle said...

I think it's absolutely of value to do whatever you can on a given day, whatever it might be :) wonderful concept

welsh said...

Thanks's too easy to let it slip by, isn't it? Other things always seem to get in the way if we allow it. Not allowing it *smile*

Threadspider said...

I love the essence of the figure here. It's beautiful.
And thank you for the lovely words you left on my blog too.

welsh said...

Thank you. I do love your beautiful journal pages.