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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living Your Spirit #28 ~ Doing What You Love

I have recently been working on a series of meditation paintings, small 12 x 12 inch canvases that are supposed to impart a feeling of drawing the viewer in. My current one is a challenge I gave myself, a vortex that is not doing what I want it to right now. I'm a little frustrated and  I have to set it aside. I'll come back to it, but I have decided to work on what I love best. The human body and portraiture. I've only started this one, but I will post the progress.

What a difference this has made! Some work we want to do, and challenge is good for us. I like to challenge myself with the new and unfamiliar, but oh, how stepping back into the world of love refreshes the spirit. Working on this will renew me and give me the energy back that I need to tackle the other painting.

What is is that renews and refreshes you?

This is the beginning, as yet untitled.

11x14 - Acrylic on stretched canvas

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