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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living Your Spirit #26 ~ Spending Your Energy

Energy ~ I always had plenty of it. Even my high school yearbook says, "Small, but every ounce is energy." I won't tell you exactly how many years ago that was, but my energy stores don't seem so easily replenished these days. I often turn my thoughts to just what it is on which I spend what energy I have.

We can wear ourselves out pretty quickly by expending too much too quickly without adequate rest in between. We can pace ourselves, going along methodically and spending our energy in smaller allottments, enabling us to go a little bit longer. How we go about budgeting our energy varies as much as our personalities. We can, however, choose how to spend our energy wisely.

Painting is one of the best uses of my energy. It brings me peace and happiness and is almost meditative. Spending time with loved ones is a most precious and welcome use of energy, and holding a sleeping child brings exquisite joy. Working, whether it be the physical labor of digging in the garden or cleaning the bathroom, gives the reward of satisfaction and exercise to the body. These are but a few examples... then there are things which simply seem to be a waste

One thing for sure ~ negative thoughts are a waste of my precious energy.  Complaining ~ right in there too.  Being around negative people somehow drains my energy.
How do you spend your energy?
What do you think are energy robbers?
Which things are energy restorers?

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