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Monday, July 4, 2011

Living Your Spirit # 36 ~ Incredible Moments

Sometimes, when we are very fortunate, we experience periods of enlightenment in our lives, a shift in our consciousness, often not recognized in language, but in an internal, deeper form of communication. It seems to happen in those rare instances when we are finely attuned. I find that what I receive is unable to be expressed, and while that at first gave rise to frustration and confusion, I have since learned to graciously accept what is given, and it now fills me with an appreciation of the glimpse of grace and knowledge I am blessed to receive. During those moments, I am saturated with gratitude and humility, and I give loving thanks to all of those people whose lives send me reminders. There is a glow about those who are in the midst of receiving, and a silent sharing exudes as we learn from one another.

Peace and love and light to all of you

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