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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Country Needs a Mom

Ordinarily, I try to stay away from religious and political postings, not because I don't have beliefs and opinions, but because I don't want this to become a platform. I'd rather just keep it ground for sharing.

Today, however, I am stating a political opinion, half tongue-in-cheek, half seriously.

Our country needs a mom! Really. Think about it. This country is our home, and should be run more like a home and less like a business. Just think what would happen if we got a good, practical mom in charge:

There wouldn't be deficit spending. "If we don't have the money, we don't buy it, simple as that." Can't you hear her? "Let's save for what we want. NASA, you might consider an Adopt an Astronaut Program to help with your budget." Saurday White House lawn bake sales would become a frequent activity.

Waste would certainly be cut, and some White house dinners might even become pot luck. If everyone brought something to share, it would certainly cut costs. And the elected officials would be expected to set a good example. Their behavior would be monitored and they would have their allowances cut (read unpaid leave) when deemed necesssary.

Ah yes, "And you (pointing a finger at unruly, misbehaving illegal aliens) go back to your country until you learn how to behave. When you come in legally, and nicely, and don't break the rules (laws), then we'll talk."

Time outs (prisons) would be structured so that offenders would not want to go back.  Behavior modifications programs would include incentives and consequences appropriate to the infraction. "And no desserts! Not until you get out and be good" (as the aroma of warm apple pie fills the air).

Any more mom ideas to share? All in good fun, not meant to inflame...

Peace and light.

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