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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living Your Spirit #6 ~ Embrace Your Humanity, Forgive Your Mistakes

You've made a mistake in your artwork. Something went amiss. Now what? "Oh no (you stamp your foot)! Now it's ruined."
Not nec-ces-sar-ily...some things that some people would call mistakes, I like to call happy accidents. Sometimes they can be used to turn your art around from what you originally intended to an unexpected pleasurable outcome. We occasionally try to rein our creativity in a too narrow path; throw something away before we have recognized that it might still have value, perhaps in another area ~ or perhaps just as it is.

Mistakes are part of human nature. We all make them. There are cultures that deliberately include mistakes in their creative efforts as a statement to our human imperfection. I have adopted that upon occasion, although more often than not, I don't have to make the deliberate effort.

Today's challenge is to look at a mistake as an opportunity.  Share your examples.  Don't be shy. Mine? Yes, the red ran where I didn't intend, so I continued and exaggerated it. I think it turned out better than my original plan.

Donna Welsh, Stages III. Encaustic on wood, 8.5 x 9.5 inches. ©2010

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