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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living Your Spirit # 11 ~ Solitude, Sweet Solitude!

It can be called loneliness when unwanted; when one is wishing the company of others and conversation and interaction, but when one needs to be alone, especially when the creative process is taking place, the solitude becomes precious.  There are those who can create on demand, come up with ideas or visuals or poetry in the midst of the cacophany of a household or office...not me. I require alone time, sometimes to the exclusion of all outside influence altogether. Not voice, nor music, nor written word penetrates my need for moments of isolation so I can access my deepest creative powers.

I know, that sounds a bit sci-fi, maybe imaginary, and perhaps a tad pompous, but I certainly didn't mean it to be so.  Those solitary moments of which I speak may be several hours at a time, or perhaps just fifteen minute increments here and there. Even when I do manage to sequester myself in my studio, that door just may open at any time, with someone at its threshhold smiling at me in some sort of conversational expectation. I try so not to be rude...sometimes I just smile and wave and go back to what I was doing, in hopes that the visitor will get the hint of my wish to be uninterrupted. Often, I voluntarily allow myself to be dragged back into the world with other humans and lose my reverie to varied interactions with those I love.

Although my solitude is something I need from time to time, and precious to me, nothing is sweeter than knowing that my presence is desired by another.  It feeds my spirit like nothing else can.

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Vanessa said...

I'm right there with you! I love solitude. There's always a time and a place for it like anything else in life. It gives me time and space to think, develop, without all the worries of what's going on around me.