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Friday, December 16, 2011

Living Your Spirit #39 ~ The Love of Small Business

The heart of the communiy...that's what I think of first. In response to a contest challenge about supporting small, local businesses, I really got to thinking about what that means to me, and how being included in that definition inspires me.
What really sings to my heart is the camaraderie, the sense of community, and the sharing among others. The small, independent, local community business seems not to be selfish or greedy in nature. I see time and again, vendor helping vendor, with merchandising ideas, recipes, and bartering. While the object is to sell wares or services, for indeed people need to make a living, the methods are kinder and truer.
Stop in at one of these establishments and you are likely to be greeted not only with a smile, but with friendly conversation. You will receive exemplary customer service, and perhaps even gain a friend in the process. Customers are cared for in a more personal way, because the merchants truly do care.
Oh, and the products! You will find the most wonderful things - handmade, higher quality, better tasting, more creative, and how wonderful it is to know the creator. To carry home a fresh, warm loaf of bread that you know was baked not only with fresh ingredients, but with wrap yourself in the warm hug of a garment that was know that you are in the circle of continuity that is keeping your commnity alive...feeds the spirit so well.
I've included only a small list here and will be adding to it. I heartily thank Inkling Media for the inspiration. Although I do support small, local businesses, I have not been doing all I can to promote them. Perhaps this will aid in that effort. If you want your business added here...oh, leave a message. I will be sure to check you out!

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Inkling Media
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Peace and light and love

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